Different way of looking at life

Hello, how are you?

What can I say about facing life?

Well, we actually have only two ways of looking at life.

Taking responsibility for your choices on others or taking charge of your own decisions.

We usually make excuses for our failures, failures or misfortunes. We blame it on our parents, on our educators or lack of them, on the state, on the churches. Stop this.

You have to take responsibility for your choices.

We are not born ready, there is no such thing as everything is already written.

Understand that, as the universe is constantly changing, so are you.

Science itself changes concepts all the time.

Why can’t you change too?

Improvement requires change, learning requires change.

In the situation we face today with globalization, information and news being shared all the time, all of this can influence us but not determine what we have to be or do.

Free will, have you heard?

So choosing is important, decisions are made. And that means that you and no one else will make the choices of your life.

Start to understand that there is something more that we need to look for and that goes through the process of facing your responsibilities head on, facing that you are in control of your life.

But there is something very important to start with: understand that you control your life and not the other person’s. Don’t try to control other people’s decisions, they also have the right to choose, to make mistakes, to get it right. Don’t be jealous, everyone has what they deserve. Do not judge. We only see the tip of the iceberg in other people’s lives, we don’t know everything about them. Have respect for them and for yourself.

You cannot understand alone, seek help, do not give up, do not be afraid.

Speaking like that, it seems simple, right?

But I know it isn’t. We have a lot of emotional charge that we still don’t know how to deal with, but be patient with you, you can, you can.

Face life head on, with clean hands and an open heart.

By Seomis Irtimed — contato@valoresabstratos.com — www.valoresabstratos.com

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